2018 Tall Ships Initiative - Press Launch

In 2018 MAST, Sail Training International, Liverpool, Dublin and Belfast City Councils come together as the ‘2018 Tall Ships Initiative’ On Wednesday 8th November this initiative was officially launched at Shankly Hotel, Liverpool, with presentations by Culture Liverpool, Sail Training...

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“The experience was hard work but really exciting and completely different to the day job. We had some very challenging moments, like going up and down the sails at midnight in the pitch black, rocking side to side on huge waves, but we worked as a great team and although it was a tiring week, it was good fun. I am so proud to have been nominated for these awards”

Laura Woolas, Sellafield Apprentice
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I never thought at the beginning of the week we would be able to sail this ship, but we did and we are all extremely proud of the achievement, although we are all aware what we have achieved is only the tip of the iceberg. The journey may be over but the memories and the lessons we have all learned will last a lifetime.

John Chapman, Peel Ports Manager & Mentor

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