Rachel Markey, Human Resources, University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool recruited 6 young people last year as part of their pre-apprentice scheme. During their time working at the University they will gain relevant employability experience, maths and English qualifications and customer service qualifications, through the City of Liverpool College.
They were all interested to participate in the voyage as it was a “once in a life time experience” and they liked the idea that they would develop and learn new skills. To raise money for their participation, we set up a just giving site for donations to be made which was circulated to colleagues, friends and families and they also done some fundraising activities, including numerous bake sales, a bonus ball game, car boot sale and a raffle. The pre-apprentice’s departments and mentors also helped out with the fundraising – one department arranged an opportunity to get your photograph taken with the European Cup and a signed Liverpool and Everton shirt were donated as a prize to win in a raffle. With regards to the cake sales, the pre-apprentices also produced flyers and made their own cakes to sell as well as making tea and coffee for staff to help themselves to, cakes were also made by some staff to help raise as much money as they could!
A news article went out on the University’s website to inform staff members of the voyage and that the pre-apprentices have the opportunity to participate and asked kindly for just giving donations. In addition to this, individuals sent out letters to their department’s suppliers which again explained and informed them and brought in some generous donations.
Throughout their time fundraising, tasks were done individually and as a team. This developed the pre-apprentices as they have become more confident doing tasks on their own and also helped with their team building and working alongside others
At first, the idea of fundraising seemed a little daunting as there were worries of achieving the goal of £1,800, but once ideas were brought to the table and everyone worked hard they managed to raise a total of £1194.83 through activities and an additional £690 through the just giving site – which was just above their target, so as you can im