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In 2018 MAST, Sail Training International, Liverpool, Dublin and Belfast City Councils come together as the ‘2018 Tall Ships Initiative’

On Wednesday 8th November this initiative was officially launched at Shankly Hotel, Liverpool, with presentations by Culture Liverpool, Sail Training Ireland and Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust in the presence of company leaders, ship representatives and even prospective trainees from across the country.

Keith Rice and Alissa Koopal of Culture Liverpool presented Liverpool 2018, a 12 month programme of internationally significant exhibitions and transformational events, and the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta taking place between Liverpool, Dublin and Bordeaux.

Culture Liverpool Presentation Slides

The Voyage, a collaboration between the city councils of Belfast, Dublin and Liverpool, Sail Training Ireland, Merseyside Adventure Trust and Dublin Port company, was presented by Daragh Sheridan, CEO of Sail Training Ireland. Their aim is to provide young people from all three cities a Sail Training opportunity they otherwise may not get the chance to experience.

The Voyage Presentation Slides

With 36 trainees already promised from a number of UK companies the event also marked a strong start to the 2018 Apprentice Ship Cup campaign, which was presented by Jim Graves.

The Apprentice Ship Cup 2018 Presentation Slides

Below are the photographs from the press launch event…