Due Paladin

June 28 at 3:39pm
Its been a wonderful week; best in my life. These memories I’ll keep forever…. I want specialy thanks to mr Jim Graves, head and heart of all event, for organazing this event, and for being such a helpful person. Sheila Hanley you are a wonderful person, with big heart and love for all people (except Paul he he ). Thank you for your time that you gave me! Tom HeyesJay ThomasDaniel WeardenJordan Davies & Alex Corcoran – you guys are just amazing, and you are making a big part of my lovley memories. However, we’ve been doin’ a jack of sh** all week (shame on you dan for this expression), and i hope next year will be good as this one, and i also hope that leg thumb ( smile emoticon ) will recover soon. Jacqui Whitehead Sparrow you are person that connected all crew on this level, and I fell greateful for this..however i didnt understand everything you said, because of that horrible accent, but the part I udenrstanded was nice to hear. Clare Edwards (Julia) you are just amazing ( wink emoticon ), and i hope you will realize how great you are. Rachel Perham tnx for being lovlely, and for nice food, i hope we’ll see next year. Captain Rarles Chobertson, it was pleasure to sail under your command, and also to have someone who talks posh but not only that liverpool (scousi?!?) accent that is so hard to understand. Breandán Ó Dín you are the man smile emoticon I hope your wish will come truth! Tnx for showing us your maritame skills! Finally, I want to thank to my V.ships office in Rijeka – Sanja Markoč & in Glasgow for giving me such a greate opportunity.
I dont wanna leave..  frown emoticon
Bye bye Irene 1907 im gonna miss you wherever I go, I’m gonna come back to sail you again smile emoticon I dont wanna leave but I must keep movin ahaed, cause my life belong to the otherside..

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Sheila Hanley Beautifully put. You’ve got me crying again Duje, it’s been an awesome week, going to miss every one of you. xxx smile emoticon
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Jim Graves Due
A true gentle man
See you tomorrow…See More
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Jacqui Whitehead Sparrow Gonna miss you too have a safe journey xxx
Like · Reply · 1 · June 28 at 6:11pm

Clare Edwards Well said. Safe journey Due, it’s been a fun week and it’s the people and crew who have made it so special. Keep being great. X
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Sanja Markoč I told you that you will have an adventure for life! smile emoticon
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Due Paladin Thank you Sanja Markoč grin emoticon
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V.Ships Cadet tall ship on board diary – Entry 6

Wednesday, July 15 – 2015

Lucky V.Ships Deck Cadet Duje Paladin from Croatia took part in the adventure of a lifetime sailing on board a century old tall ship ‘Irene’ with Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust (MAST) this summer.

Each week we share entries from his on board diary written during his voyage from Glasgow to Liverpool by sea. Diary 6

Day 6

“After morning watch duty, we were so tired; lack of sleep and lots of wind in your face, mixed with sun rays exhausted all of us. But we had fun. So we decided to stay awake.

“It was about 17 degrees outside, and we were jumping from Irene into the sea. It was fun. For 15 minutes. Sea temperature wasn’t good for swimming. But, we decided to stay on deck and play cards, while crew that was on duty was doing an anchor watch. After lunch was departure. We lifted the anchor. We wanted to do it in the “old school” way.

“It lasted about 15 minutes, then we finally quit. We needed 1 minute to lift anchor for 30 inches. It was really hard job to do. This reminds me on story that captain said, that there was a man who sailed ‘Irene’ by itself, from France to Bristol, and that after that voyage he never stepped back on deck. Impressive, if its truth.

“After we secured the anchor, once again we set sails. This time we set 7 of them. Once again, we succeeded without any assistance. This was the day when we all learned that helping each other on board the ship is necessary, and that together with ‘Irene’ we are making one body, and the Captain is our head.

“After dinner it was once again my time to wash the dishes. My job is done, and it’s time to take a rest.”