Do I have to go climbing in the rig?

We actively encourage all to take part in the sail handling, but going aloft is only a minor part of setting sail, not as you are led to believe in the movies!  There are usually ample willing climbers to cope, so the answer is no, you don’t have to climb.  In fact, it helps to have people who don’t want to climb, as there is always so much to do on deck.

The toilet is blocked, what can I do?

The toilets often get blocked, please inform the 2nd Engineer or me.

Should I take anything for sea sickness?

Sorry, I am not trained to give medical advice of any sort. I take Stugeron myself, following the instructions on the packet. Contact the F.A.P. (First Aid Purser).

One of the permanent crew told us something different to you, which do we do?

I am just a well-meaning amateur, albeit with a fair amount of experience on these machines.  The permanent crew are professionals and any instruction by them will supersede mine!

Can I go in the engine room?

Only if accompanied by an Engineer, who is usually only too willing to show you around.

Do I tuck you up and tell you bedtime stories?


Do I bring you breakfast in bed?


Will I get a chance to steer?


Can I go to bed if I’m not required on the open bridge for the rest of the watch ?

No.  You will be stood down but need to be available either on the open bridge or in the mess room.  At the end of each watch I have to do a muster to ensure all are accounted for.

Do I have to wear the harness if I’m not climbing?

Harnesses have to be worn at all times on deck, on watch, except when helming.  This includes bracing stations. Exception to this would be “Man Overboard” bracing stations.

Red doesn’t suit me, are their any other colours of oilies ?


Where do we keep our oilies and harnesses?

White and blue watch have individual pegs in the aft lobby, and red watch in the forward lobby.  If you are not wearing your harness this is the only place it should be.  Never on the deck or pin rail. Remember, they are your own personal safety kit; your life may depend on it.  Check it regularly for damage and if you have it on make sure it is properly fastened!

My oilies/harness have gone missing, can you find it for me?

In practice, no!  It happens a lot; people pick up others by mistake, especially in the rush to bracing stations or at night.  Remember the number and tie a coloured lace or something onto it to help identify it.  If you can’t find your own please just don’t take the next one knowing it isn’t yours, this just compounds the problem.  I will issue you another.

Amongst the do’s and don’ts, is there any time for fun?

Yes, between 10.00 and 10.30 hours and 16.00 hours and 16.30 hours we hold fun sessions, usually attended by the Captain in a pink grass hula skirt and the bosun in a lime green leotard!!!!