photo credit Kevin Laitak photo credit Kevin Laitak

The experience gained through participating in the Cup will empower the young apprentices and help them discover and unlock their true potential.

The Cup will:-

  • Promote young people’s active citizenship
  • Develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people
  • Foster mutual understanding between apprentices from different organisations and backgrounds
  • Provide an alternative learning environment

Those taking part will build the following skills and benefits:

  • Self confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for selves and others
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership  & Communication
  • Social and life skills
  • Practical sailing, seamanship and navigation skills and the opportunity to use them.

The Apprentices will sail as voyage crew and be divided into seagoing watches, each led by an experienced and qualified Watch Leader. Each watch will be involved in:

  • Steering & Helmsmanship
  • Climbing the Mast & Rigging
  • Setting the sails
  • Keeping Navigation watch
  • Domestic duties such as Cooking & Cleaning the ship