Pelican of London

pelican_of_londonPELICAN OF LONDON is unique among Square Riggers. Her hull form was derived from the elite French clippers of the late 19th century, with a length to breadth ratio of 5:1, a flared bow, fine entry and run. A long poop has been added which provides exceptional space and comfort for world wide operation.
Her exclusive rig generates twice her engine power and yet it is handy and easily adapted to extreme conditions. She is still family size at 45M (150 ft) LE.

In this total reconstruction only the superb hull of the original 1946 PELICAN remains. New bulkheads, new decks, stainless tanks and pipe work, everything is built to the very exacting standards of the latest “Code of Practice for the Safety of Large Commercial Sailing Vessels”.

PELICAN has been designed principally as a sail training ship, but is capable of many different roles world-wide.

Class: A
Flag: UK
Rig: Barquentine 3
Year Built: 1948


Maybe, launched in 1933, was designed for round the world cruising and built by De Vries Lentsch, Amsterdam for Jan Jacob van Rietschoten. She was hidden during the Second World War and afterwards she underwent a complete refit with a new rig. Maybe took part in the first Tall Ships Race in 1956.

She sailed mainly around the Mediterranean and in the 70’s regularly crossed the Atlantic between the West Indies and the Mediterranean. In the 80’s she also sailed through the Panama Canal and up the east coast of the USA to Canada.

She was sold to the present owners in 1989 and underwent another complete restoration returning to sailing in 2007 around Scotland and then onto Spain last year.

Class: B
Length: 26.13m
Rig: Gaff Ketch
Year Built: 1929

Golden Vanity

Golden Vanity is the smallest of the boats, at 53 feet LOA and 20 tonnes. She is a gaff cutter, built to the lines of the smallest class of sailing trawler, known as ‘Mumble Bees’. She carries 1,250 sq feet of sail on a single mast. On deck she is 40 ft long, with a beam of 10 ft and a draught of 6 ft. She has accommodation for twelve people, including two crew, and has a full range of modern aids to navigation .

Golden Vanity is rigged now just as she was when she was launched early last century. She has a ‘Gaff Cutter’ rig. ‘Gaff’ indicates that the Main sail is hoisted using a ‘gaff’, a spar attached to their upper side. ‘Cutter’ indicates that there is more than one headsail, making each sail easier to handle by a small crew. It is a very versatile and powerful rig, easy to handle in light airs and strong winds.

Length: 16.16m
Rig:Gaff Cutter
Year Built:1908

The Lady of Avenel

The Lady of Avenel is a 102ft Brigantine square rigger.
She takes 12 person and has a crew 3 crew.
The accommodation consists of 4 two berth cabins and a spacious 8 berth bunk room. The ship has 3 toilets and 4 shower rooms.
A large fully equipped galley and a spacious deck saloon provide ample covered space.

Year Built:1992

Challenge Business 20 (2041)

Challenge Business 20 has been sailing the world promoting sustainable energy and the preservation of Antarctica. She was the proto-type challenge 67, overbuilt and heavier than her sisters, she never raced round the world and was only used as a training vessel when with the challenge business.

Length: 20.42m
Year Built:1990