15th June 2014 – 20th June 2014 Liverpool to Whitehaven


Sat 14th of June:1400 hrs:Voyage crew join vessels in Liverpool.
Sun 15th of June: 2000 hrs:Gangway watch set.
Mon 16th of June:AM:Prepare ship for sea.
0100 hrs:Depart berth. (HW 0157 hrs) Sea watches commence.
Tues 17th of June:At Sea.
Weds 18th of June:1500 hrs:Arrive Belfast (HW 1613 hrs).
2000 hrs:Set gangway security/watch.
Thurs 19th of June:AM:Shipboard cleaning, (Happy Hour) Inter Ship Tug Of war and/or other challengers (awards given). Visit to the Titanic museum.
1600 hrs:Depart Belfast with a parade of Sail.
Fri 20th of June:1735 hrs:Arrive Whitehaven. (HW 1835 hrs).
Sat 21st of June:AM:Happy hour and Voyage crew depart 1200 hrs.
1400 hrs:Coaches back to Liverpool.
1800 hrs (ETA):Arrive Liverpool Albert Dock.